H2 - Interaction with other marine users

H - Marine Planning and Governance

Status - published
Last updated on: 26/03/2020


Need to reduce potential for conflict with other marine sectors.


Use of Marine Spatial Planning framework

Context And Need


There is a need to reduce potential for conflict with other marine sectors. Exploring technology / skills synergies across all renewables and engaging with the oil & gas industries. Also exploring common learning from conflict resolution, marine spatial planning, insurance and co-location (with MPAs, fishing industry, aquaculture/ mariculture).


There is a need for a marine spatial planning framework that includes large scale ORE within policies to enable working together across ORE and other marine sectors.


ORE operates in the marine environment alongside other users and there is potentially a conflict for resource, marine space and infrastructure. Better understanding of the requirements, and of complementary and competing users will be necessary for rational spatial planning.

Impact Potential

The potential impact of reducing the non-technical barriers to ORE development are to lower costs of CAPEX and OPEX in ORE significantly and to accelerate the development of the ORE industry, in harmony with other marine users.

Research Status

Marine spatial planning is now operational at governance level via the Marine Plan and Marine (Scotland) Plan.

1) INSITE Programme: Influence of man-made Structures www.insitenorthsea.org

2) Maritime Alliance for fostering the European Blue Economy through a Marine Technology Skilling Strategy (MATES)


Links to Industry Priorities:

Also Offshore Wind Innovation Hub - O&M and Windfarm Lifecycle innovation priorities

Offshore Wind Innovation Hub Roadmap Data Mitigating an impact on shipping navigation and commercial fisheries


We would also like to invite UK researchers and industry stakeholders within ORE to submit links to research projects, both past and present, for inclusion within the landscape.

Therefore, if you have a UK-based research project within an area of ORE that you feel is relevant to a specific research theme or challenge within the Research Landscape, click HERE to submit your research project to the research landscape


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