E2 - Extending limits to operation or performance by mitigating extreme actions

E - Survivability, Reliability and Design

Status - published
Last updated on: 26/03/2020


High loads can occur due to dynamic response and interaction of response modes that limit system design.


Identification *and mitigation* of extreme loads and aggregated actions at system and component level.

Context And Need

A key cost reduction mechanism is the increase of the size of the power generating element of the ORE system, e.g. the turbine size or rated power of a wave device. As these parameters increase, stresses (actions) due to dynamic response can become prohibitive and so development of methods to mitigate and control system dynamics are required. To enable such increase of scale of key ORE design parameters improved understanding is required of the interaction of the environment with both the fundamental structural dynamics and control of the system.

Fundamental challenge is to enable modelling and prediction of peak (extreme) loads or actions accounting for environmental conditions interacting with the underlying system dynamics and control applied.

Designs in which load mitigation by continuous control of dynamic response becomes lower cost and / or larger scale than traditional design approaches.

Significant reduction of design safety factors.


Establish and extend operational limits or performance by better identifying and mitigating extreme loads and aggregated actions vs. operation behaviour at system and component level. Including interaction between environment and system control parameters and to extend operational limits of devices extending turbine size limits and fatigue life, understanding localised environment conditions to inform aggregated effects (e.g. on fatigue); modelling/prediction of extreme environmental loads.

Impact Potential

Increased reliability and reduced OPEX of existing designs

New designs with lower CAPEX per MW and / or increased performance

Research Status

Current EU and NREL projects on large wind turbines

EPSRC - aspects of some projects, although not a core aspect.


Links to Industry Priorities:

Offshore Wind Innovation Hub - Turbines innovation priorities




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