C3 - Design for safe and cost-effective installation methods.

C - Materials and Manufacturing

Status - published
Last updated on: 26/03/2020


Marine renewables and deep water offshore wind require reduction of installation costs through innovative methods while maintaining safety levels. Currently, installation approaches involve putting people into a hazardous working environment and this situation needs to be addressed.


To develop designs of ORE facility that require less offshore human activity during the installation process.

Context And Need

Offshore operations are inherently dangerous; A considerable portion of CAPEX and OPEX is due to installation requirements both for marine renewables as well as deep water wind installations.


Marine renewables and deep water offshore wind turbines require reduction of installation costs through innovative methods while maintaining safety levels.

Impact Potential

What is the potential impact on CAPEX, OPEX, performance, survivability, reliability, arrays, and adoptability.

Expected potential impact is very high in for safety and CAPEX.

UK capacity to benefit


Research Status

Installation has to a large extent been an afterthought with the primary device design having been optimised for optimum operational costs. Development of installation processes has not been a part of overall concept development and hence generic solutions have not been studied systematically. Carbon Trust and device specific projects have existed but there is no awareness of any generic human-free installation projects.


Links to Industry Priorities:

Offshore Wind Innovation Hub Roadmap - O&M and Windfarm Lifecycle innovation priorities



Active research projets:

  • FLOTANT (Innovative, low cost, low weight and safe floating wind technology optimized for deep water wind sites): The main objective of FLOTANT is the development of innovative solutions to improve the robustness and cost-efficiency of 10+MW wind turbine generators in deep waters (100-600m). This goal will be achieved through the design and test of specific components, as well as the assessment and optimisation of the construction, installation, operation and decommissioning techniques, in line with state-of-the-art practices and environmental constraints http://flotantproject.eu/


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