F3 - Data and digital cyber security

F - Operations, Management, Maintenance and Safety

Status - published
Last updated on: 21/06/2022


ORE assets provide an Increasing amount of data and heightened sensitivity, causing challenges regarding data security. ORE farms are critical assets that if compromised would disrupt the energy supply.


Better understanding of the risks and mitigation measures leading to established and applied best practice and processes for data and cyber security in ORE assets.

Context And Need

There is a need for improving the awareness, protocols and tools for ORE digital cyber security


ORE farms are critical assets that provide an Increasing amount of data and heightened sensitivity that require consideration of cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is an established area, but requires implementation for ORE.

Opportunity for the UK to lead the development on data and cyber security protocols for ORE usage.

Impact Potential

Increased data security, and hence increased security of ORE critical assets. Potential to unlock big data.

Research Status

Established UK research portfolio, but not focused on ORE applications yet.

Reported cases of Cyber Security breaches and incidents, with a prominent case in the tidal sector.


Links to Industry Priorities:


We would also like to invite UK researchers and industry stakeholders within ORE to submit links to research projects, both past and present, for inclusion within the landscape.

Therefore, if you have a UK-based research project within an area of ORE that you feel is relevant to a specific research theme or challenge within the Research Landscape, click HERE to submit your research project to the research landscape


PhD projects in Offshore Renewable Energy

In order to better understand the breadth of ORE research currently being conducted in the UK, the Supergen ORE Hub has collated from its academic network, UK Centres for Doctoral Training and Industrial partners, a list of PhDs currently being undertaken in ORE.

Access a PDF of the list and find out more about including your PhD.

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