H1 - Communication: Ocean literacy and public perception of ORE

H - Marine Planning and Governance

Status - published
Last updated on: 26/03/2020


The wider public is not well informed about offshore energy and in particular the concept of whole-systems approaches.


Supergen communication and engagement strategy; creation of material, events, blogs, Supergen ORE website; alignment of wider research base for promotion through Supergen.

Context And Need


There is a clear need for greater understanding of offshore renewable energy, what is meant by offshore wind, wave and tidal energy, and of the whole systems approach. Better understanding of ORE across primary, secondary, tertiary education, industry, policy/ governance agencies and general public is needed so that the potential benefits of ORE is understood.


This can be achieved through engagement events targeted at different stakeholder groups and through production of a range of material for wide public use (i.e. BBC Planet).


The Supergen ORE Hub leadership role includes connecting those active in the sector and communicating ORE issues to a range of user groups, including politicians and public, education and to improve understanding via use of public engagement. Better public understanding of ORE and whole-systems approaches, ocean literacy and ecological interactions, will impact on public perception and the granting of Social License.

Impact Potential

Media, Teaching and workshop material could be used globally to lead to acceptability as well as means to relay the current critical issues.

Research Status

There are lots of ideas/techniques currently being examined:

1) Frontiers for Young Minds (kids.frontiersin.org)

2) www.BritishEcologicalSociety.org Policy Network

3) UKERC http://www.ukerc.ac.uk/

4) POST - Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology https://www.parliament.uk/post


Links to Industry Priorities:

Also Offshore Wind Innovation Hub - O&M and Windfarm Lifecycle innovation priorities

Offshore Wind Innovation Hub Roadmap Data Generating and standardising social and economic impact methodology


We would also like to invite UK researchers and industry stakeholders within ORE to submit links to research projects, both past and present, for inclusion within the landscape.

Therefore, if you have a UK-based research project within an area of ORE that you feel is relevant to a specific research theme or challenge within the Research Landscape, click HERE to submit your research project to the research landscape


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